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Gold Laced Wyandotte and Blue laced Gold Wyandotte mixed colour breeding pen.
When we set a dozen of our Wyandotte eggs you will get mostly gold laced chicks with the possibility of a blue laced chick or two. We do not separate chicks by colours at the hatch but sell them as a group so you may get both colours whether you pick them up or we ship you a dozen eggs. 

APA Wyandotte Standard and Breed Book


Our Gold Laced Wyandottes are a combination of three unrelated lines from AB and QC.  We have been working with this breed since 2015 and we consider the Wyandotte to be one of our hardiest and top laying breeds. These dual-purpose roosters are huge and definitely large enough for any family dinner. Their rose combs are not a frostbite worry for us, which is definitely something to consider if you live in a colder area. The chicks are strong and fast growing and the beautiful hens are great foragers that lay an incredible amount of large eggs.

The Wyandotte is a docile dual-purpose breed of chicken originating in the United States and is renowned for its round curvy body and it’s good size and healthy vigour. The Wyandotte is a breed that suits both free range and confinement in a run and is kept for both eggs and meat. They appear in a wide variety of color patterns, and are popular show birds.

The Wyandotte is named after the Wyandotte Native American tribe. The first examples of this breed appeared in 1870s and were of the Silver Laced variety, which was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1883. The Gold Laced variety originated in Wisconsin and was admitted in 1888. Hens are excellent layers of light tinted eggs.  They will lay around 240 or more large eggs a year. The Golden Laced variety are harder to find. APA Weights: Hen 6 lbs. , Cockerel 8.5 lbs.

Gold Laced Wyandotte Hen – Best in Variety/Best in Breed
Winter Feather Fancier Show 2019

Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockerel – Best in Variety/Best in Breed
Pullet – Reserve in Breed        Winter Feather Fancier Show 2017

Young Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockerels and Pullets

Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte:
Our Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes are a combination of two unrelated lines from AB and QC.

Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte Pullets



Blue Laced Gold is one of the rarest colours of the Wyandotte. Due to the nature of the blue colour, offspring from this variety have three different lacing colours. They can be blue, black, and a splashed white , which makes for a wonderful flock of beautifully coloured chickens.

Mating two blue laced birds together will give:

25% Black Laced Offspring
50% Blue Laced Offspring
25% Splash Laced Offspring

Splash Laced Wyandotte Pullet