Jubilee Orpington

These chickens are one of our most docile and friendly breeds. Our Jubilee Orpington hens are also one of our top year-round layers of large light brown eggs.

The Jubilee Orpington was named in honor of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria’s reign. They were originally called Diamond Jubliee Orpingtons that were developed in 1897.  The Queen received a flock of these Regal Birds as part of the celebration. 

Jubilee Orpington cockerel and pullets developing mature spotting.
They have deep mahogany bodies covered with flecks of ruby and emerald and it’s no wonder why they were named for British Royalty. Although this variety of Orpington has been known in England for over a hundred years, it has only been imported into the U.S. and Canada within the past 10 years and is extremely rare and hard to find.

Jubilee Orpington chicks         

Jubilee Cockerel feathers at 9 months of age

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In 2015 we combined two unrelated lines from SK and QC of this rare colour of Orpington. Their lines can be traced back to The Fancy Chick and Greenfire Farms that imported them into the USA in 2012. The English Orpington is a bird of grace and beauty that has a wider body than her American counterparts. The English Jubilee variety is known to be the one of the largest Orpingtons and it is also a rarer colouration.

The feather pattern which makes the Jubilee, is a very complex colour, which is an astounding pattern of black, mahogany and white. They should also have white shanks and feet with red eyes. Maturing birds can take up to 18 months to be ‘finished’ or mature in colouration. Orpingtons are a very docile dual-purpose bird with white skin. They lay approximately 200 extra-large brown eggs per year.  We are very excited to be working with this an exceedingly rare plumage of Orpington.

Jubilee Cock (Best in Breed) and Hen (Reserve in Breed)
50th Feather Fancier Show 2019

 Winter 2018

A young cockerel and pullet placed first for us at the IPE in 2016.
Their spotted colours were still developing.

The Orpington Chicken breed is a celebrated and favorite of Great Britain. The breed was developed in the middle of the 19th century by William Cook. Orpingtons were a wild success and Cook continued to expand the color varieties of the breed.

APA Class: Orpingtons are in the English Class although the APA does not yet recognize the Jubilee variation. This colour variety can be entered in the AOV category when showing Orpingtons.  Conservation Status: Recovering