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Orpington mixed colour breeding pen:
Cuckoo Lavender, Lavender, Cuckoo and Black
We are using rare English Cuckoo Orpington chickens in our breeding program. Therefore, you will get Cuckoo Lavender, Cuckoo, Black, and Lavender and chicks hatching in your orders. When we set a dozen eggs you should get a mixture of chick colours as stated above. We do not separate chicks by colours at the hatch but sell them as a group whether you pick them up or we ship you a dozen eggs. These chicks are large, friendly, vigorous and they have a stronger gene pool. 

We also have Jubilee Orpingtons (see our Rare & Fancy Breeds page)

Our Orpington chickens are a combination of US lines and stock from the Greendale farm in BC. These chickens are huge easy going birds that are beautiful, mild mannered and easy keepers. The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the town of Orpington, Kent, in south-east England. Orpingtons are a popular dual-purpose heritage breed. Because they are loosely feathered, they appear to be heavier than their true weights, their plumage makes them cold hardy and excellent layer of brown eggs even in the winter.

They have a good growth rate, excellent table-quality and excellent egg production. Orpingtons have quiet dispositions and they make amazing mothers. They are first-rate layers of large light to dark brown eggs. Orpingtons lay about 175 to 200 large light-brown eggs a year. Standard APA Weights: Rooster 10 lbs, Hen  8 lbs, Cockerel 8.5 lbs, Pullet 7 lbs.

Cuckoo Lavender Hen Best in Variety: Winter Feather Fancier Show  2017

Cuckoo Lavender Orpington



Young Pullet and chicks


Cuckoo Lavender Hen Sharing the Winter Feeder with female turkeys

Lavender Orpington:


Lavender Orpington Pullet- We are adding some of these pretty pullets to our Orpington breeding pen. You would get barred and solid coloured chicks from four unrelated lines.