Silver Laced Polish

We are taking pre-orders for 2020 and we are currently booking into mid/late April for this breed. Thank you. 

Polish are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

$15 chick/unsexed and $6 egg/$72 doz.
We do not ship Polish chicks-gate sales only

Silver Laced Polish Breeding Pen 2019

Silver Laced Polish Hen- First Place Winter Carnival Show, Vernon, BC 2015

20160207_150656 Polish Eggs-med. size

My Polish hen was my first pet chicken that always warmed my heart and greeted me when I visited the coop in 2013. Now my Silver Laced Polish hen has a large family and we have combined two unrelated lines from the US and from QC.

Crested chickens have been known for centuries.  In England they were known as the Poland. It is also one of the oldest and the most popular of the crested breeds. The origin of this bird and its name is still not clear. It has been known as a pure breed as early as the 16th century.

Polish chickens have huge amounts of character, they’re great for smaller gardens and they are very child friendly. They are layers of medium-sized white eggs and tend to be non-sitters. Although, a few of my hens have gone broody and proved to be excellent mothers. Polish chickens come with or without beards on their faces. Polish chickens tend to be docile and may be bullied by more aggressive breeds. They are happier with other crested friends in the flock. APA Standard Weights: Cock: 6  lbs; Hen: 4 ½  lbs; Cockerel: 5  lbs; Pullet: 4  lbs. Eggs: 120 – 200+
Conservation Status: Watch


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