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Thank you for your ongoing support. We are sold out of all hatching eggs, chicks, ducklings and goslings for 2024 and we will not be adding onto anyone’s orders. We will be taking pre-orders for 2025 via our online store on Nov. 1st. Online Store | Wild Acres

Since 2012 our small family-owned breeder farm has been selling and showing heritage chicks, ducklings, goslings, hatching eggs, and registered Nubian dairy goats. We also own a pair of rare Hungarian Komondor dogs (LGDs) and occasionally we will have a litter of puppies available. Our colourful eating eggs from our free-range chickens are sold year-round at our farm gate. Wild Acres is located in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.

Hatching eggs can be picked up at our farm or shipped via Xpresspost to BC, YT, AB, SK, and MB in April, May, and June. Day-old poultry and waterfowl can be picked up at our farm in May and June and this is usually arranged for Sunday afternoons. We do not ship chicks or ducklings. 

We do not ship hatching eggs to Ontario, Quebec, or the eastern provinces due to shipping delays, cost factors, and other circumstances.

We breed, show, and sell high-quality CLRC-registered Nubian dairy goats. Our colourful Nubians have a proven track record in shows and come from champion milk lines with extensive health testing. We breed for correct conformation, dairy character, and strong mammary systems in our Nubian goat breeding program.

Wild Acres Nubian goat herd has tested negative for CL, CAE, and Johne’s since September 2, 2016, and G6-S since July 2019. Our Nubian bucks and does are only used for our breeding program. Our Nubian goats are registered, tattooed, disbudded, vaccinated, and dewormed regularly.   

We sell a limited number of goats each year via pre-order. Please see these web pages for more information: Goats for Sale | Wild Acres, Goat Policies & Orders | Wild Acres

Here is the webpage from the CLRC /Canadian Goat Society for registration information, tattoos, tests, and contacts for goat owners:

We prefer to operate on a smaller scale. and we have no intention of becoming a commercial hatchery or owning a large herd of registered Nubian goats. Spending quality time with each animal on our farm is essential.

Our Komondor livestock guardian dogs protect all our animals with 0 losses to predators. Dignified, loyal, and brave the Komondor is called the “King of the Working Dogs”. They are a renowned LGD from 16th century Hungary. Occasionally we have puppies available. Please see this webpage for more information Komondor Livestock Guardian Dogs | Wild Acres

Wild Acres breeds many unique and beautiful chickens including the
Crele Legbar, Silver Laced Polish, Ameraucana, Marans, Australorp, Jersey Giant, Cuckoo Lavender Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Wyandotte, WelsummerOlive Egger and Silkie.

We also breed Indian Runner Ducks, and African Geese However, some of our hatching eggs and day-olds may not be available every year as we work towards improving or replenishing our breeding flocks. See our Price List price or Online Store for more information.

We have enjoyed showing our registered Nubian goats and heritage poultry/waterfowl at the Interior Provincial Exhibition, West National Goat Show, Salmon Arm Fair, APA Canadian National Poultry Show, Fall FeatherFest, and the Feather Fancier Show.  At Wild Acres, we always strive for quality rather than quantity!


  • Please note: We are sold out for 2024. Thank you. 
  • We do not vaccinate our birds nor raise birds on antibiotics.
  • Pre-orders for 2025 can be ordered on Nov. 1st. via our Online Store | Wild Acres
  • Some breeds may not be available as we work towards replenishing those flocks.
  • We do not keep customer lists from year to year. 
  • We do not take orders via the phone or by text messaging.
  • Payment is via Interac email transfer or cash at our farm gate. 
  • We do not accept payment via credit cards, personal cheques, or money orders. 
  • Our hatching eggs are sold via pre-order and are only available in April, May, and June.
  • With our smaller poultry breeding flocks, we can only offer 6-12 eggs or less per week from each breed.
  • The minimum order for shipping hatching eggs is 12 (one dozen). 
  • All livestock will be picked up at our farm gate (no shipping).
  • Unsexed day-old chicks and ducklings are only available in May and June for pickup.
  • All livestock and hatching eggs are subject to availability.
  • We maintain smaller flocks, so there is a limit on the number of unsexed chicks available for each breed. Please refer to our online store for more details.
  • We do not sell laying hens, pullets, or other adult birds, and we do not accept returns of any birds once they have been purchased and left our property. This policy is in place for biosecurity reasons.
  • We do not lend out our incubators due to biosecurity protocols. 
  • We do not ship hatching eggs or poultry outside of Canada.
  • There are no guarantees regarding the hatching success or hatch rate of ordered or picked-up hatching eggs. This is due to the variables involved in shipping, handling, and incubation processes.
  • Picking up fertile eggs does not guarantee a high hatching rate due to various factors involved in incubation. These factors include weather fluctuations affecting different chicken breeds, travel time, handling of eggs, and differences in various types of incubators, turners, and setup locations.
  •  Incubating eggs involves a calculated risk, results can vary with each hatch and breed.
  • We cannot guarantee shipment dates of hatching eggs, but we can stay in touch and give you an approximate time frame.
  • To ensure fertile hatching eggs and chicks we do test hatches regularly during the To ensure the fertility of our hatching eggs and the health of our chicks, we conduct regular test hatches throughout the spring months.
  • We breed towards the Standard of Perfection and occasionally show our poultry/waterfowl, but we cannot guarantee show quality for livestock or hatching egg sales.
  • We greatly value your support of our small family farm and sincerely appreciate your business. However, we would like to clarify our policy regarding refunds and exchanges. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on livestock, replacements, or credit-hatching eggs. Additionally, deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to fulfill your order. This policy applies to all hatching eggs, including those picked up at our farm gate. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.
  • We only ship hatching eggs via Canada Post (Xpresspost).
  • Canada Post does not offer insurance on hatching eggs nor offer refunds.
  • Xpresspost shipping rates are updated each year around Jan. 11th, but Canada Post rates may change from month to month as they did in 2022 so we recalculate shipping before shipment.
  • Our online store will give you an approximate shipping quote for hatching egg shipments. 
  • Please see our shipping examples page for estimates from previous years.  https://wildacres.ca/shipping-charge-examples/
  • We will keep you up to date on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/wildacres.ca  
  • See our policy pages for more information Sales Policy & Ordering | Wild Acres
  • Please read our Biosecurity Policies https://wildacres.ca/biosecurity/
  • For biosecurity reasons please do not drive or walk into our farmyard.
  • We will meet you at the gate when you pick up your chicks, waterfowl, or eggs.
  •  If you have any inquiries about our livestock or store, please feel free to email us.







We strive to improve our heritage breed stock with each generation. Excellent nutrition and care play a key role in our animals’ well-being and the quality of our shipped-hatching eggs. We believe in responsible breeding practices and value traditional methods that naturally promote the health of our flock.

We refrain from vaccinating our birds or using antibiotics in their upbringing. Instead, we focus on strengthening their immune systems and gene pools through careful selection over multiple generations. Our approach emphasizes providing high-quality food, allowing free-ranging, and culling as necessary. This holistic method, coupled with keen observation and daily care, enables us to hatch, raise, and breed birds capable of thriving in a free-range mixed poultry environment without antibiotics or vaccines.

To improve our flocks from one generation to the next we:

-strive for natural immunity and free range our flock for most of the year in our growing orchard/permaculture environment
-only bring in unrelated show lines and quality stock if needed for gene pool strengthening and we prefer to use hatching eggs for biosecurity reasons
-quarantine poultry both before and after shows
-regularly consult with our veterinarian

-select our best stock for poultry shows and breeding purposes over several generations
-carefully choose the largest and richest coloured eggs with the strongest shells for hatching and shipping purposes
-consistently work towards the American Poultry Association Standards and cull birds that show signs of sickness, weaknesses, or aggressive temperaments
practice biosecurity and do not allow farm visits or tours Biosecurity | Wild Acres
-all pickup sales transactions are done at our front gate and by appointment
-do not allow any birds to return to our property once purchased
achieve these goals without vaccines 

 We aim to breed robust and aesthetically pleasing birds that excel in egg production and coexist harmoniously in a natural environment. To support this goal, we are developing a permaculture food forest for our livestock, enriching their lives with year-round access to diverse foods such as fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, grasses, and insects. This sustainable approach enhances their health through natural foraging and protects them from the elements and predators, ensuring their overall well-being and vitality.

“Permaculture is a holistic, living-in-harmony-with-nature worldview, as well as a technical approach for how to do so. “https://modernfarmer.com/2016/04/permaculture/

We firmly believe in giving our poultry and waterfowl the time to recuperate after the spring and summer breeding season. Therefore, our poultry and waterfowl free range for most of the year in mixed flock groupings in our fields.

Adding artificial lighting to poultry breeding pens can alter individual behaviour, with often drastic and potentially negative effects on biological rhythms, daily activity and reproduction. Light pollution disrupts sleep in free-living animals (nih.gov)

 We understand the potential stress that artificial lighting can impose on breeding birds when used year-round to enhance egg production or fertility. Through our experience on the farm, we observed the negative impact on our flocks’ health and longevity caused by prolonged exposure to artificial lights. As a result, we prioritize the well-being of our poultry and waterfowl above sales or reproduction goals. We have chosen not to subject our breeding flocks to artificial lighting or extend their natural breeding season beyond the spring and summer. Consequently, hatching eggs, chicks, and their sales are limited to only a few months in the spring each year to ensure optimal health and vitality of our flocks.

Purchasing from us means you accept and agree to our terms and conditions.
Please read our Terms and Conditions under our Policy webpages
Sales Policy & Ordering | Wild Acres

We rely heavily on word of mouth and repeat customer business, and this is why we ensure all our customers get the best service and advice possible – please, if you have any further questions, that have not been answered on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at info@wildacres.ca Thank you for your patience and for supporting our small family farm!

You can find more information and pictures concerning our poultry, waterfowl, and Nubian goats on our Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/wildacres.ca/

Please see this webpage for a Google Map and directions to our farm
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Check out our Care Tips webpage and extensive Links webpage for further information on raising poultry, waterfowl, and Nubian goats.