Rare & Fancy

Wild Acres located in Armstrong, BC, Canada sells hatching eggs and chicks of the  Jubilee Orpington, Cream Legbar and Silver Laced Polish. Certain breeds may not be available every year as we work towards improving our stock.

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All livestock is subject to availability. Thank you for supporting our farm.  

Here you will find our rare and fancy chicken breeds that are available from Wild Acres. Keeping a backyard flock means you can be a vital part of protecting heritage and rare chicken breeds. Rare breeds are lots of fun to keep, and useful to have around.  They are excellent layers, hardy birds, good meat producers, and good mothers. Rare breeds can be more efficient at foraging their own foods to save on feed costs or are sturdier in weather extremes such as cold or hot areas.

Many of these heritage and rare birds are sorted into lists according to their conservation status. The most endangered breeds are critical, with less than 500 breeding birds and an estimated population in the world of less than 1,000!  Next is threatened, with fewer than 1,000 breeding birds and an estimated total population of 5,000.  The watch list is for birds with fewer than 5,000 breeding birds and a total population of less than 10,000. Recovering breeds used to be on the lists, but since then have increased their numbers.  We should embrace rare and endangered breeds as it is important to promote diversity and heritage among our livestock.