Australorps are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

Black, Blue and Splash Australorp mixed colour breeding pen.
When we set a dozen Australorp eggs you get mostly black chicks hatching with the possibility of a few blue chicks and perhaps a splash. In 2021 and 2022 we started seeing some splash Australorp chicks hatching. We do not separate chicks by colours at the hatch but sell them as a group.

Breeding flock of black, blue and splash Australorp chickens in 2022.

Breeding flock of black and blue Australorp chickens in March 2021.

Our Black Australorp Pullet Won Grand Champion at the IPE in 2016!

20160903_203026grand champ australorp pullet

Wild Acres Australorp Chickens

Looking for an Australorp that exceeds all expectations? Do you want something that speaks of a bird from days gone by? Our Australorp breeding pen contains roosters and hens in black, blue and the rare splash colouring from a combination of three show lines.

These show line roosters and hens are striking in both appearance and size. They grow quickly, are excellent winter layers, very hardy and are large easy-going birds. Our Australorps are comparable in size to our Jersey Giant chickens and are a top-notch roasting bird. This is one of our finest breeds.

In 2016 we were so excited to win Grand Champion Poultry for our black Australorp pullet at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, B.C. We entered three pullets and a cockerel in both black and blue colourations of this breed and all four of them took a ribbon as either Best of Breed or Reserve of Breed with the best one surprising us as Show Champion! We continue to breed for improvement and for show competitions.

The Breed History

The Australorp is a chicken breed that was developed in Australia as utility breed with a focus on egg laying. They were originally known as Australian Black Orpingtons. The breed matures early and is considered to be a docile, quiet bird. They are both cold and heat tolerant. They are also known to be good nest sitters and mothers, making them one of the most exceptional large, heritage utility breeds of chicken.

At the Grafton contest in 1923-24 an Australorp hen laid 347 eggs in 365 days. Another hen set a new world record when she laid an amazing 364 eggs in 365 days! The Australorp chicken’s skin is white beneath their feathers and a well looked after hen may lay 250+ large light-brown eggs per year.

Interior Provincial Exhibition 2017


Blue Australorp Cockerel and Pullet : 1st place -IPE & Fall Featherfest Poultry Show 2016


Blue and Black Australorp Pullets, hen and Cockerels.
A very cold hardy winter breed!



 Black Australorp Chicks and Eggs