Jersey Giant

We are sold out of Jersey Giant chicks and hatching eggs for 2021. Thank you. Please see our price list for more details. 

Jersey Giants are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

Black and Blue Jersey Giant mixed breeding pen
When we set a dozen, Jersey eggs you get both black and blue coloured chicks hatching as the breeding pen is mixed with more black chicks hatching. We do not separate chicks by colours at the hatch but sell them as a group so you would get both colours whether you pick them up or we ship you a dozen eggs.

50th Feather Fancier Show 2019
Blue Jersey Giant Cockerel and Pullet, 1st place

Our Black Jersey Giant Cockerel won Reserve Champion at the IPE in 2016!  He came in second place to our Grand Champion Black Australorp Pullet

20160903_203859jersey giant ipe

We were enthralled to see our big Black Jersey Giant cockerel in champion row at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, B.C. These enormous roosters and hens have had a special place in our hearts for the past 6 years in our breeding program. They are big friendly giants that seem more like loyal canines then roosters.  Our Jerseys continue to improve through each generation and they are the result of three combined lines from BC, Alberta and Ontario.

The Jersey Giant was created by John and Thomas Black; with the intent of replacing the turkey. As its name implies, these mellow chickens are impressive in size with the height of the male bird usually between 22-26 inches with the female being 16-20 inches.

They are the largest purebred chicken breed. The chicks out grow other breeds quickly when they are young but they take up to two years to reach their full size, especially the roosters. We find our Jersey Giant roosters to be calm and gentle giants that are easy to work with and gentle on the hens.

They are well-suited to producing very fine and large capons. The hens of this breed tend to lay more eggs than those of other heavy breeds. They lay 260 large brown eggs year round. When incubating eggs, the Jersey Giant breed may be a bit longer to hatch.

The Black Jersey Giant was admitted to the American Poultry Association in 1922. The White followed in 1947 and the Blue in 2003. Conservation Status: Watch

Blue Jersey Giant Cockerel and Hen


 Jersey Giant Pullet, Chicks and Eggs


Young Blue Jersey Giant Cockerel and Blue Ameraucana Cockerel Sharing a Meal