Electrovite Powder

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A supplement for providing both vitamins and electrolytes to livestock.

Wild Acres have been using Electrovites for 5 years for chicks, poultry, waterfowl and our Nubian goats with fantastic results. It makes a considerable difference in regards to the vitality and the health of our stock. There is no comparison with the other chick and poultry vitamins we have tried. Our poultry prefers it and their health proves it. We use ¼ teaspoon per gallon for our poultry.  

We are now offering it to our customers at reasonable price of only $11.00 for a 300 gram jar. If you are interested in this exceptional product please email us or make note of it in your order.

Customer Reviews:
“I have been using it with my chicks since I picked them up from Carolyn last spring. I am currently using it with all our birds to help them through this bitter cold. Great product!”
Stacey, Trochu, AB. Feb. 9, 2018