Mottled Houdan

Houdans are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

Mottled Houdan hatching eggs and chicks are not available for 2022.

Mottled Houdan Hen, Reserve Continental
50th Feather Fancier Show 2019

In 2013 we fell in love with this beautiful chicken with a quirky personality. Our first Houdans were a combination of two unrelated lines from BC and QC. They are a eye catching breed that everyone notices right away. I never tire of watching their antics or admiring their great looks.

The Houdan is a very old French breed that originated in the village of Houdan, France. Originally a dual-purpose fowl kept for both eggs and meat, and for part of the 1800s one of France’s main meat breeds. The Houdan chicken breed has received the coveted French “Label Rouge” for excellence in production and taste. The origins of the Houdan breed are unknown; as they predate modern agricultural writing. The Houdan has an unusual butterfly-shaped comb and is one of few breeds to have five toes rather than the usual four. Houdan chickens are excellent egg layers, they bear confinement well, are non-sitters, and can be kept on any soil type. The Houdan is known to be exceptionally gentle, an excellent choice for hobby and urban farmers as well as for children.
Houdans lay approximately 180 -240 medium white eggs a year.

Conservation Status: Threatened

Medium Eggs- First Place Interior Provincial Exhibition 2017 and 2019

Champion and Reserve Champion Continental Pullets IPE 2016!


Mottled Houdan Cockerel and Pullets- Reserve in Breed and Best in Breed, Winter Carnival Show 2015 Vernon BC



Mottled Houdan Chicks Have Extra Toes!