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In 2013 we bought our first two does from Cherry  Bolduc, Mostly Mini’s Farm in Armstrong, BC. Her champion doe CHERRY’S TN VENZA -[CAN]N110220  gave birth to twin daughter’s  Islero and Miura. We purchased and bred both of them.


Islero was born on April 7, 2013. She is our largest senior Nubian doe and she is the twin to Mia. She is a leader in the herd, an excellent milker and that has no problems giving birth. Her offspring have all been almost all female and  2/3 have been heavily spotted. Her first spotted daughter, Belle was retained as a breeder. Her second freshening produced beautiful female twins. Her daughter Fantasia was retained and will be shown in 2017 and Tinker Bell went on to become a 4-H goat in Alberta.

5th Freshening: Islero gave birth to twins  June 29 2019- 1 doeling (Willows Wild Dolly) and 1 buckling

4th Freshening: Islero gave birth to triplets April 19th, 2018- 1 doeling and 2 bucklings
doeling and copper coloured wethers (Judge) sold

3rd Freshening: Islero gave birth to triplets May 9th, 2017- 2 doelings and a buckling

 Willow Wild Charlotte (sold)

Willows Wild Cinderella (sold)

Willows Wild Copper (WIL -2E) buck (sold to Katrina in AB)

2nd Freshening: Islero gave birth to twins May 18th, 2016
Willows Wild Tinker Bell:  sold to R.W. from Grand Prairie,  AB


Willow’s Wild Fantastia: Doeling – retained for future breeding.

1st Freshening: July 31 2014