Bantam Cochin

Cochin (Partridge):  sorry – not available 
Soldiers returning from China brought the first Cochin bantams to England in the 1860’s. They were known as “Pekin” bantams then and are still referred to as “Pekins” in many parts of Europe. Cochins are known the world over for being big friendly balls of fluff and feathers. They are very gentle, excellent setters, require little space, and are the most popular of the feather legged bantams, excellent setters and great Winter layers.

The Partridge color variety is very striking, and you can tell the boys from girls by the different coloring. The rooster’s saddle and hackle feathers are a rich, brilliant orange-red which when combined with the greenish black body makes for an extremely attractive bird. The female is feathered with a glossy mahogany brown feather penciled in black. APA Standard Weights:  Cock:  30 oz    Hen:  26 oz    Cockerel:  26 oz     Pullet:  24oz

Bantam Partridge Cochin Rooster and Hens.



Bantam Partridge Cochin hen with a Black Silkie hen sharing the nest and chicks.