IPE Goat Division Info 2023

Hi Everyone,
I just want you to know that I (Carolyn Wild) am the Goat Director for the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, BC for 2023.
If you have any registered dairy goats that you would like to show please contact me at goats@armstrongipe.com and read the information below including PDF Goat Prize Book for the IPE. I will post updates on this webpage.
Here is quick information concerning the 2023 IPE Sanctioned Goat Show.
Move in Date: Tuesday, August 19th at 6pm
Move Out Date: Sunday, September 3rd after 8pm or Monday morning
Judging-Show Barn-Friday, September 1st starting at 9am
  • This is a sanctioned show with a judge and ribbons.
  • The goats will be have to be dairy goats, registered and tattooed.
  • The goats will be vet checked prior to the show on Tues. August 29th. It is mandatory that exhibitors are with their animals while the vet checks are taking place.
  • Entries: Maximum entries are restricted to 3 entries per class, per breed, per Exhibitor.
  • Horned goats and bucks are not allowed.
  • Does under a year can be shown as dry yearlings, juniors doe kids and senior doe kids.
  • Older does must be producing milk to show.
  • You have to clean your own stalls daily prior to the arrival of the gates opening, feed and water your own goats.
  • Exhibitors will be wearing white shirts and black pants and walk their own goats into the ring for the show on Friday.

For More information please see this link below to the PDF Goat Prize Book for the IPE

Prize Book for Goat Division: Information and Entry Rules IPE 2023

The Canadian Goat Society – Look for more information concerning dairy goat shows and judging on this webpage