Welcome to Wild Acres!

Wild Acres is located in British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to breed and preserve rare heritage chicken breeds, waterfowl and Nubian goats. We custom hatch chicks and waterfowl as well as ship fertile hatching eggs anywhere in Canada.

We sell dual-purpose, bantam and critically endangered breeds as well as Indian Runner ducklings, African goslings, mixed bred heritage turkey poults and registered Nubian goat kids when they are available. We strive for quality rather than quantity!

We prefer to sell most of our poultry and waterfowl stock as either fertile eggs or chicks so we seldom sell adult birds.

October 2017 Update:
We are currently sold out of chicks, pullets, hens, roosters, turkeys and waterfowl .

Thank you for supporting Wild Acres this past season. We are in the process of closing down our poultry breeding pens so that our hens can free range for a few months. We are also turning off our incubators until February 2018.

Available Now:
-Nubian bucklings for sale.

Sorry, we do not ship outside of Canada. We ship to Canadian residences only.

Please ask us about our 2018 waiting list on day old straight run/unsexed chicks, poults, waterfowl and registered Nubian goats.
Email is preferred. Thank you.

Our family farm is located at 4686 North Grandview Flats Road, which is in beautiful Northern Okanagan 20 minutes west of Armstrong, BC. We are easily accessible from Okanagan Highway #97. 

Our contact page has a google map to help you find us. 

We ship fertile eggs across Canada by Xpresspost. Through ACE Courier we ship standard sized day old chicks, ducklings and goslings to limited destinations in BC and Alberta only.
We do not ship adult poultry or waterfowl.

Wild Acres believes in maintaining high standards and we strive to improve heritage breed stock with each generation. We select our best stock for poultry shows and breeding purposes. We cull out weaknesses, aggressive temperaments and birds that do not meet standards. In order to improve vigor and meet Americana Poultry Association Standards we bring in unrelated show lines and quality stock from across Canada and the USA. Excellent nutrition and care play a key role in our animals well-being and in the quality of our shipped fertile eggs.

We believe in being responsible breeders and therefore we practice biosecurity. We operate as a “closed flock,” meaning we do not introduce older birds to our flock. We value old-fashioned breeding techniques that promote a healthy environment, select for vigor, cull when necessary and achieve these goals without vaccines.

I recommend Arenbrook Acres for processing chickens and turkeys. They are a provincially licensed facility located in Falkland, BC.

 Please read our ordering and shipping policies entirely. By placing an order with Wild Acres you have acknowledged that you have read and agreed to them.

We rely heavily on word of mouth and repeat customer business and this is why we ensure all our customers get the best service and advice possible – so please, if you have any further questions, which have not been answered on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thank you to all of our returning customers as well as our new customers!

We can be reached more readily through email.

There is more information and pictures concerning our poultry, waterfowl and Nubian goats at:  https://www.facebook.com/wildacres.ca/

            Please see our Contact Page for a map to our farm.


Check out our Care Page and our extensive Link Page for further information on raising poultry, waterfowl and Nubian goats.