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Cochin are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

Standard Black Cochin Cock, Blue and Black Cochin Pullets 2019

Standard Cochin (Black, Blue, Splash and White mixed breeding pen)

These chicks will grow slowly compared to our Marans, Australorps, Jersey Giants and other large fast growing dual-purpose breeds. Their feather legs can be a hindrance to this more submissive breed when they are growing up in a mixed broody pen. Please be aware of this if you are planning on ordering a mixed chick order.

Cochins are another very calm, beautiful bird that has mainly earned its name for being a show bird. Cochins have a lovely, fluffy and round appearance. They are gentle broody hens and mothers that are also eye candy in the yard. Whenever, the power goes out or I have an egg or two to hatch, whether it is a duck, turkey, goose or chicken egg I know they will do the job for me. My top gentleman rooster in the coop for many years now is an old favourite Standard Splash Cochin.

They are dual-purpose birds and decent layers of brown eggs in the winter as well. They lay medium-large very pale brown eggs. They are cold-hardy, yellow skinned, feather-footed and have single combs. APA Weights: Rooster 11 lbs., Hen 8 lbs.


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Splash Rooster, Hen, Cockerel, Chick and Eggs

Young Black Cochin Pullet           Black and Blue Standard Cochin Chicks