“Willows Wild Belle” sold to Katrina in AB, 2018
(Islero’s daughter) 

Belle had a sweetheart temperament and was super easy to handle. She was good sized doe and a strong milker. Her colouring made her stand out in the herd and her kids followed this trait.

Belle’s 3rd Freshening: Twin Doe Birth, D.O.B: March 12, 2018
(sold and retained)

Belle’s 2nd Freshening: Twin Birth, D.O.B: April 29th, 2017 
Willows Wild Milo (WIL-5E) sold

Willows Wild Maximus brown spotted buck – retained

Belle’s 1st Freshening: twins May 26th, 2016

Willow’s Wild Olaf: sold to L.K. from AB


Willow’s Wild (Sven): Buck- sold