Barred Rock

Plymouth Barred Rock are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.

Plymouth Barred Rock: Sorry, not available for 2019

Interior Provincial Exhibition 2018
Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster-Best in Breed, Best in Variety

An old family favourite that is rock solid and dependable. These huge roosters and hens have excellent barring, great temperaments and the hens lay plenty of large brown eggs. Our Plymouth Barred Rock flock is one that we have been working with since 2013. They come from a USA show line and their size, colour and longevity are outstanding.

The Barred Rock is one of the all-time popular favorites. They were developed in New England in the early 1800’s by crossing Dominiques and Black Javas. They are cold hardy and prolific layers of 200-300 large brown eggs a year that varies in color from light to medium brown with a touch of pink. Their solid plumpness and yellow skin make a beautiful heavy roasting fowl. Our strain is show quality and has the narrow, clean barring so desirable in appearance. Their bodies are long, broad, and deep with bred-in strength and vitality. Standard APA Weights: Rooster 9.5 lbs, Hen 7.5 lbs, Cockerel 8 lbs, Pullet 5-6 lbs. (see our Show Bird weights below)

During the 2017 spring and summer everyone noticed how big our Plymouth Barred Rocks were. I was washing them up for the IPE and I decided to weigh them. Our 3 year old show quality Barred Rock rooster weighed in at  11.6 lbs, which is 2.1 lbs over standard weight. Our 3 year old hen weighed in at 8.6 lbs, which is 2.6 lbs heavier then standard weight. She is as big as many roosters would be. Our 3 year old hens and rooster produced plenty of large fertile eggs right through the summer heat.  

Plymouth Barred Rock Cockerels and Pullets

   Barring on a young pullet

Interior Provincial Exhibition 2017
Rooster-Best in Breed
Hens- Reserve in Breed/ Best in Breed and Second


Plymouth Barred Rock Hen- First Place IPE 2016


Plymouth Barred Rock Cockerels and Chick